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GTS Travel Services

Tracey Younes, CTC

Professional Travel Advisor

About Tracey Younes, CTC

Originally from Wisconsin, I have lived in Colorado, and Maui, but ended up making Texas my home since 1987, after meeting the love of my life in Austin. We made Bastrop our home in 2003, and really enjoy the Lost Pines area and small city.  

I LOVE helping clients create memories, and it truly is what keeps me in this business. My corporate travelers experience events with amazing memories as well as vacationers, thanks to well thought out and executed plans. Sometimes they are able to combine the two, bringing family with them to extend a business trip that takes place at an amazing destination. Sometimes I am the planner of the meeting AND the vacations, and sometimes I am just the planner for the added vacation time. Either way, I love to hone in on vacations they will really connect with, so the more years we work together, the better. My consultative based approach makes the process after a couple of trips working together very efficient and always time saving for the customer. Clients know they can count on me to personally take care of all their details.

Who works with a Professional Travel Planner?

As an experienced Professional Travel Planner of many years, I have found that my clientele mainly consists of people that truly value their personal time with their families, friends and loved ones, and just don't have the time or desire to add 'travel planner' to their already busy To Do list! They realize there is an inherent risk in booking arrangements themselves and not having a professional on your side if things don't go exactly as planned. The importance of leisure travel in re-energizing themselves every year as well as it renewing relationships, and keeping families together are a priority. They always cherish the amazing and unique experiences that we can create for them in their travels, the new friends they meet in other travelers, private tour guides, drivers, lodging owners, restaurant owners, etc. 

How do I get paid as a Professional Travel Planner? 

Where I can partially off-set agency work fees by working with a supplier that pays me a nominal commission, I always try to do this for my customers. In some cases, the commission amount just does not begin to cover the time invested in planning customized trips, so I advise customers upfront at the time of the quote process of any estimated fees, so you are fully aware of any additional fee that needs to be charged.

So that I may ensure I am working with sincere potential clients, as opposed to just being an online quote service, I do have a Plan-to-Go good faith deposit that varies from $110 to $275 minimum, depending on the complexity of your trip ($500 for Destination Weddings), that is due upfront before I begin research. It is only non-refundable in the event of trip cancellation, or if you decide to not travel or book elsewhere after we have completed your quote with professional recommendations, etc. This covers the time that has been invested at that point for our professional services to you. For those clients that follow through with booking, it is refundable to you once you complete travel, or can be applied towards any other agency fee costs.  

Services offered as part of our trip planning may include, but are not limited to: 

-Customized Itinerary Planning (hourly fee-based)

-Airfare ($40-$50 domestic & $50-$75 international

    ...depending on # trip legs/complexity of itinerary...fee will be advised

-Ground Transportation Car Services and Rail

-Hotels, Villas, All-Inclusive Resorts, Yachts, Homes, Condos, etc

-Independent Itinerary Planning or Escorted Tours

-Activities (Private Guided or Shared Group)

-Cruises (Domestic River Cruises, or International Ocean or River Cruises)


Please call for consultation or appointment

Bastrop, TX 78602

Typical Hours:

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5:30PM (CST)

Sat & Sun: Closed

GTS Incentive & Travel Services highly recommends the purchase of Trip Cancellation Insurance to protect your travel investment.